Instagram App

What Are the Latest Updates In Instagram Application:

The latest updates of the Instagram application are as given below

  • Dark mode: To enable the dark mode on the Instagram application, The user requires iOS 13, and android ten are required. If the user has one of the versions, then this feature can be activated in the display themes and settings.
  • Restrict Users: The restrict feature is similar to blocking of a user, but in this feature, the user is allowed to block interactions from the person that the user wants, and the account won’t be blocked.
  • Interface Creation: The latest update on Instagram allows the users to add GIF, Q&A, boxes, quizzes without choosing them in the stickers’ box. Two interfaces can create on this day, templates. On this day allows the users to share posts of friends that happened one year ago, templates are Instagram stories that appear in empty spaces to fill the answers.
  • Remove Fake Followers: The Instagram application allows the users to remove the fake followers and bots manually. Earlier to remove the fake followers, a third party application is required, but now it too easy to remove the fake accounts by removing the fake followers that increase the engagement rate.
  • Moment Countdown: The moment countdown is one of the marketing strategies that used to excite people as the countdown timer consists of time offers, upcoming events, and reminders for webinars.


  • Name Tag And Shoppable Tags: The name tag can also consider as a networking tool for business cards, and the name tag can share with friends by creating an image that can scan. By using the shoppable tags, the products can display in live-action or user-generated content.  

After posting a photo, a user is made available with options of likes, comments, and shares. The comments option can turn off by the user. By clicking on heart shape that appears bottom of the photo that counted as like for photo and the overall count of likes for photo will display below the photo. The video in the Instagram are not counted based on the likes the videos will show with count of views. The posts on Instagram can share with friends as a direct message, or the link can share.

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