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Facebook messenger is used to text messages as the Facebook application doesn’t allow the users to send messages which are developed in 2008, it’s service is available in 2010 as it is available for both iOS, android in august 2011. Facebook. Facebook has released a new operating system, launched and dedicated website interface that is which separated the messaging functionality from the Facebook application. By using this messenger all the users can send messages, photos, exchange photos, files, stickers and even you can react to your friend’s messages with smileys. The conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Features Of Facebook Messenger:

The following are the top features that are offered by facebook messenger.

Signup Without Account In Facebook:

                      This feature is introduced in December 2012, All the android users can sign up to the app without a Facebook account. All you require is a valid mobile number. This supports mobile platforms and this is globally available.

Direct Messaging:

                      This feature is introduced in October 2013 which allows the users to send messages even if the person is not your friend if you have that person number in your contact list. This feature is globally available and accepted by all the platforms.


Chat Heads:

              This feature is introduced in April 2013 which displays a round icon with a profile photo that appears on the screen. This feature is available on the mobile platform and is globally available.

Money Transfer:

             This money transfer feature is introduced in March 2015, this is a feature which is offered for U.S users to transfer money to friends and this feature is expanded to support group payments in 2017. This is available on mobile platforms and it’s globally available.


          This feature is introduced in 2013, as this provides voice calling for the facebook messenger in Canada, This feature enabled group video calling with a maximum limit of 50 members. Facebook updated the video calls by providing some filters and funny reactions on the top of the face.

Location Sharing:

               This feature is launched in June 2015, as the users can tap on the location button which is shown on a map by which there is a possibility to point every location. Later live location sharing is also made available in this feature.

Business Interaction:

                  In the facebook F8 conference which is held on March 25, 2015, facebook announced that messenger is now available users to interact with the business, which includes track purchase and receive a notification, to have a personal conversation with customer service representatives.

Transportation Request:

                  This feature is introduced on facebook in December 2015. This will integrate the users with Uber this feature is available for the users in the U.S directly from the app.

SMS Support:

            Facebook introduced SMS texting within messenger on February 2016.

Multiple Accounts:

               This feature is introduced in Facebook on Febrauary2016 by this facebook supports multiple accounts in the application as it supports the mobile platform and globally available.

Instant Games:

               This allows users to play games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, EverWing, Words with Friends Frenzy.

Reactions And mentions:

            This is a feature that is available on Facebook in March 2017. This allows all the users to react with an emoji and the mentions in the facebook can be done by typing @ before their user name

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