Messenger Download

Advantages Of Messenger:

              Here are some of the advantages of using facebook messenger. By using facebook you can instantly communicate with people like it an easy way to communicate.

  1. Can Be Used For Collaboration:

                By using facebook messenger we can send files and links easily.

  1. An Option To Call Is Available:

                 By using this application you can speak to an individual or even with the groups. This is embedded with a feature that can call a specific phone.

Cons Of Facebook Messenger:                   

             A coin has two shades in the same way there are cons by using facebook. The list of cons in facebook messenger is as given below:

  1. There Is Treat To Privacy:

                  Due to privacy issues, some countries banned facebook in their countries. Without permissions, facebook messenger includes recording audio and calling to phone numbers without intervention.

  1. Annoying Notifications:

                The notifications will distract you from the work you are doing. As you will receive a notification when the message comes.

  1. It Reduces Battery Life Of Your Device:

                   As the facebook messenger works on the background of the device you will receive a vibration or sound as an alert whenever you receive a notification that quickly leads to draining the battery life of the device.

  1. It’s Hard To Maintain With Lower End Devices:

                       It requires more than 100 MB to access both Facebook and messenger. It’s hard enough to maintain these apps with low space devices.

  1. It Has Choppy Service:

                      You need to update this application whenever you update your operating system.


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