Pinterest App

The word Pinterest is derived from two words as pin and interest this can also be called a catalog of ideas. Pinterest is an application that is mostly used by women all over the world to share ideas, styles and to explore new things about styles. I came to know about this from my friend as she is always busy in scrolling something which I don’t know about and after that, she started trying different types of styles in her dressing when I asked her about this she said I tried a pin in pinterest then I downloaded this application to know what is going on this app. Then I too started watching the boards and pins in the pinterest. According to my study in pinterest, I can revive this app as

Pinterest is a network that allows you to share your ideas if you post anything in pinterest then it’s called a pin. This application consists of pins related to fashion, gardening, cooking, decorating, gym, Zumba dance, workouts, artistic works, and photoshoot ideas. According to me, this is the best platform to share ideas with the world by pinning them.



The pinterst app will appear with the icons as pinterest home which consists of the trending and the top pins of the day, search button will be appeared to search for the desired design and the style, the list of the people you are following and the list that you are followed by, a list of notifications that are suggested for.

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