Signal App

What is Signal Application?

The Signal application is completely a Social media platform, available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The application designed and developed by the Signal Foundation. Tag Line is “Say Hello to Signal Privacy” Server is “End-to-End Encryption.

Do I need to pay to download the Signal Application?

No, not at all. It is completely and free application where you allow installing on the device you use. The application is available for all devices from desktops to iPads.

Are you an Android Device user? Then download the application from Google play store. iOS device user! Then install it through the App Store. Make a change with the advanced application with outstanding functionality.

What are the features of Signal Application?

With the Signal application, you can send messages, make video and audio calls, share photos, videos, files & documents as similar to other social media applications. The Signal Foundation recently raised up by introducing the group video calling with a limited number of 150 members at a time.


The Signal application aims to complete privacy to the users form end-to-end encryption by collecting the minimal number of users with uncompromised features.

How can I use Signal Application on Laptop or iPads?

Undoubtedly Yes, Signal application is a server that free at all platforms, you can free download or add extensions to the laptops and desktops. Suppose if you have a Signal account on the mobile version but want to use it on Laptop in such situations, share a link to the desktop and start using it. However, the chat history will not transfer when you switch from mobile to Laptop.

What are the advanced features of Signal Application?

The Signal application is highly concentrated on its privacy settings for the sake of users. For example, Signal features “Relay Calls” where the application cannot see the IP address of sending and receiving servers. Note: By enabling this feature, the call clarity will not reduce.

It also offered an option On and Off the read receipts where your contacts can have an idea on when you viewed their messages also there is an option for turn On and Off for typing indicators while texting someone.

Does Signal Application collect our Data?

When compared with other social media applications, this application maintains high privacy for its users, but it collects the data of user contacts apart for this, the application will never collect any other data information. It is a Privacy assurance platform.

The Signal Application is only for Text conversations and same like WhatsApp?

Not same as WhatsApp application, the theme is an imitation but with the new privacy policy which is not available at WhatsApp. If you use Signal you no need to download or use any other meeting attend applications because in it there is an option called a meeting where 150 members can join at a time.

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