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Is Signal application works as a Business account?

Signal application is a direct communicational platform between people (Users). It does not contain a special dedicated server for business accounts to chat and explore to small and large enterprises like WhatsApp.

But yes, a business account can join to Signal as same as a regular account to contact the users about business deals. You can block the contact at any time with even noticing too that contact user.

Pros of Signal Application

  • Privacy & End-to-End encryption is a great feature in Signal
  • It can access to multi-media loads quickly
  • Audio quality is high
  • It is accessible to delete messages permanently from the history
  • The reaction of the application is cool and good for making messaging and giving feedback.

Cons of Signal ApplicationĀ 

  • The notifications would frequently show more than once; it is a little annoying.
  • It is good if the Signal develops a good quality of video visuals
  • Automatic mute while on large chat conversations
  • Better to time zones so that it looks easy to locate the call conversations at the right time.