SnapChat App

Name Snapchat
Developed by Snap inc
Released on September 2011
Versions supported iOS, android, windows
Size required for iOS 192.3 MB
Size required for android 56 MB
Application is available in 22 languages
Latest version for android APK
Latest version for iOS


Snapchat is a messaging application that is developed by Evan Speigel, bobby Murphy, Reggie brown. Snapchat is used to create multimedia messages which are called as messages.

Features of Snapchat App

The following are the list of features that are associated with the snapchat application.

Stickers: The snaps can be edited with different types of filters and stickers. Geofilters are graphical filter that are available in certain geographical location. Bitmoji is another feature that is that allows creating cartoon avatars.

Lens: This lens feature is introduced in September 2015; this allows the users to add real-time effects in snaps by suing face detection technology. This features is further extended as world lenses that uses augmented reality to integrate 3D elements which are placed in 3D space.

Snap Camera: This feature is launched for desktop users of macos, windows pc that allows using snapchat lenses for video chat and live streaming in skype, twitch, youtube, zoom.

Story: A feature called as stories is introduced in snapchat application that allows adding photos, videos as a snap that is accessible by your friends on snapchat. There is availability for your friends to reply for stories.  

Travel Mode: This travel mode feature is introduced in order to prevent the automatic download of snaps until they are requested by the users.

Messaging: The messaging function is described as conversational rather than transactional. A blue pulsing here button is displayed in the sender chat window which can be viewed in own chat window. A video chat is immediately launched when the here button is held down. Messages will disappear after they are read and a notification is sent to the recipient when they start to type. The direct messaging feature allows the users to send ephemeral text messages to friends and family.

Chat 2.0: This is one of the messaging functionality that allows adding stickers, access audio and video conferencing. This feature allows the user to share camera photos, text, audio, video chats. This also allows the users to send musical GIF’, TuneMojis. This allows the users to delete a sent message before that is read it may be an audio, video, text.

Video Snaps: Snapchat has a feature that allows the users by holding on the photo button that is available in the app can be used to shoot a video up to ten seconds in length which can convert the video as photo. The snapcht app has the capability to compress the video into a size of photo.

Screenshot Notification To Sender: Previously the snapchat application doesn’t allow the users to take a screenshot of the snaps but now there is an availability for the users to take a screenshot of the snaps but now if the app detects that an user screenshot a snap a notification will be generated and that is sent to the sender.

Snapcash: Each and every app is providing a feature for the transfer of money so that the snapcash feature is introduced in snapchat application in order to send and receive cash to the friends through private messaging.       

Memories: Memories is a feature that allows the users to add snaps and stories in private storage area. The memories will be in a white frame and holds timestamp. The memories can also be added to my eyes only area which can be locked with PIN.

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