Telegram App

How To Install Telegram Application For Android Version: There are two ways to download telegram application for the android version. The procedure that needs to be followed is given below

To download the telegram application from Google play store search for telegram application in the search box you will find the result of the application and then tap on the option of install which will start downloading the application at the time of downloading you don’t need to wait for the application installation you can do whatever tasks that you want on the device. After the installation the application will be displayed on the desktop and you can open it whenever you want. To make use of the application user need to accept the terms and conditions of the application. There is some permission that needs to be granted for the telegram application.


Other way to download telegram application for the android device is by downloading the link. Open one of the browsers in your mobile device and then download the link which will be redirected to the google play store and then tap on the install option that is made available for the app. After the app is installed then accept all the terms and conditions of the application to make use of the app. If you have already used the app then select the back-up option to restore the data from telegram. To set a profile on the telegram enter a valid phone number and you will be sent OPT to that number, enter the OPT to the telegram application to configure that the number you entered is valid. Then you are allowed to set a profile picture that can be either selected from the gallery or from a photo can be uploaded by clicking it in the camera that is provided in the telegram application.

The messages in telegram are cloud-based they can be accessed on any user’s connected devices as they can share photos, videos, audio messages. A user can send messages to users up to 100000 members at a time. The sent messages can be deleted in 48 hours after they are sent. The messages that are sent between the sender and receiver are encrypted with the MTP protocol. All the messages and remain o the servers until they are deleted by participants.

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