Viber App

Author Talmon Macro, Igor Magazinnik
Developer Rakuten Viber
Type Instant messaging, VoIP
Initially released on December 2, 2019
The stable version of Android
The stable version of Android released on February 20, 2020
The stable version of iOS 11.8
The stable version of iOS released on November 3, 2019
Stable windows UWP version 6.6.1
Stable windows desktop version 12.8.0
Stable windows desktop version released on April 19, 2020
Stable Linux version
Stable Linux version released on November 18, 2019
Languages used C, C++, Python, Objective-C, Java
License Proprietary software
Seller Viber Media SARL
Size for iOS 301.1 MB
Category Social networking
Compatible With iOS 10 and above, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age rating 17+
Copyright Viber media
Available in-app purchases Viber credit pack


Features of Viber Application

The list of features that associated with the Viber application

Secret Messages

The secret chats are available for Viber application users, deleting messages done without user intervention. The messages get deleted by default after the message read by the receiver.

Allows Group Video with Maximum Number of People

All the instant messaging applications do have a feature of video call what makes Viber different from them? The Viber application allows the users to connect a video call with more than 20 members. Which is one of the satisfying feature, right?

Data Encrypted

The data exchanged between the sender and receiver encrypted by using many secured algorithms. It’s even a bit hard to decrypt to theft the data. All the data as messages, images and videos are end to end encrypted. No data is stored and used by the third parties, only the sender, and the sender authenticated to retrieve it.

Massive Group Creation Possible

Most applications have a limit over joining members to the group, but in Viber, there is no limitation over the people who can join the group. So, the Viber group can have as many participants as required.

A Huge Collection of Stickers and Emojis

Is the traditional process of texting boring you? Then you have to make use of the sticker collection that made available in the Viber application. There is a unique and massive set of stickers and emojis made available to enhance the user experience.

The stickers, emojis are unavailable in any messaging app, and all the collection of stickers are used within the application not out of it. When you are using the Viber application, don’t forget to find the sticker collection available.

Many GIFS Available

The users are available with a vast GIF collection, and there is an option that helps to search for the particular GIF as per the requirement. For instance, if you search for a GIF birthday, there are multiple GIFs related to birthday.

The user can select one or multiple GIFS from the searched list to send to a contact that you wanted

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