Viber Download

Advantages of Viber Application

The list of pros that associated with the Viber application

Platform Compatible

The Viber application provides compatibility for various OS like Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. So, the application allows users of multiple operating systems.

Available with Chat Extensions

The Viber application provides multiple chat extensions as Viber stickers, GIF, video, and some more extensions as YouTube, Spotify and many more.

Disadvantages of Viber Application

The list of cons that associated with the Viber application

Blocking Impossible in Viber

The Viber application doesn’t have an option to block as you have to bear the nonsense created by the unknown numbers. All the unwanted texts and messages need to bear by you as the option of blocking is unavailable

Less Quality for Low Network Connection

The Viber application quality depends on the quality of the network if there is poor network connection the experience of using the application reduces, if the signal strength is high then the applicant can experience the features and all completely

Doesn’t Work Without Internet

The Viber application doesn’t allow the applicants to make use of it without an internet connection.


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